The Progressors: Class of 2021/22

30th June 2022

Identifying the best ball progressors in Europe's big 5 leagues for the 2021/22 season.


21st June 2022

Pass matrices for the 03/04 Arsenal side that went a whole season undefeated.

Big 6 of all time

13th June 2022

Comparing the all time EPL points hauls of the "big 6" clubs.

The People's Prince

12th May 2022

Appraisal of Jack Grealish's playing style and future at Manchester City.

The Miracle

20th March 2022

Comparing the first and second half performance in the 2005 UCL final, The Miracle of Istanbul.

The Croatian Cruyff

6th March 2022

Visualising Luka Modric's passing and defending during World Cup 2018.

22 Penalties

1st March 2022

Did the keepers go the right way during the Carabao Cup final shootout?


26th February 2022

Using goal difference variance to measure competitiveness in Europe's big 5 leagues.

Making a Maestro

28th January 2022

A Phil Foden player profile, tracking his progress and identifying his playing style.

London is...

5th December 2021

Using GIS software to map the territories of the London EPL clubs.

Heartbreak for England

18th October 2021

Dissecting England's almost victorious Euro 2020 campaign.

184 Goals

13th July 2021

An overview of Sergio Ag├╝ero's productive goalscoring career.

RB England

11th May 2021

An attempt at answering the question: who should start at right back for England?

Anti Anti Football


Analysis of one of the greatest periods of glory in international football: Spain 2008-2012. [issue with HTML viewing]

Now That They Believe Us

21st January 2021

Assessing Liverpool's post Christmas slump.

Platinum Boy

8th January 2021

Profiling Erling Haaland and comparing him to the Golden Boys that stood before him.


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