This website, Stuck in the Rondo (S.I.T.R), is where I keep my research into football tactics, and data analysis undertaken using open source datasets.

I am by no means an expert, but I have spent considerable time developing my understanding of the game. I have completed the Statsbomb Intro to Football Analytics course, the FA’s Level 1 in Talent Identification, and levels 1 & 2 of PFSA’s Performance Analysis courses. I also try to watch as many games as possible, though I primarily watch the Premier League, international fixtures, and Borussia Dortmund.

I am keenly interested in forecasting on all scales, from predicting how an opposition will approach a game, to predicting which club will win a major trophy. Attempting to forecast football outcomes is a challenge due to the game’s inherent unpredictability. From the second the ref blows the whistle, so many elements of the game are totally out of the manager’s control.

In terms of data analysis, I have been researching how to maximise the elements of the game that can be controlled, such as set pieces, substitutions, and making the most of the half time team talk.

The elusory elements of the game also fascinate me, such as a player’s street inspired flair, the rapid decision making required when receiving the ball, and spatial awareness off the ball.

Outside of football, my hobbies and interests include urban development, 20th century art, horror films, and almost all genres of music.



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